3 Days Community Trekking around Lalibela

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Day 1- Trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya, 6 hours

Ber Metebekiya, at an altitude of 3600m, gives you outstanding panoramic views of the area with 360-degree views over the

surrounding countryside.

The climb from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya is sometimes a little taxing in comparison with your much easier second day, but the views, starting only 5 minutes after you leave the town, are spectacular as you pass through small villages and farms. This will be your first day of experiencing how the local communities live in the mountains.

On your the way to Ber Metebekiya  you will take a substantial break for snacks at Merebarbu (3300m). At this point there are good possibilities of seeing family groups of Gelada baboons (endemic to Ethiopia) and other wildlife.

After having lunch and a short break, you can walk to one of the nearby villages and learn about the lives of the local people, including farming practices, cattle rearing and local traditions. Alternatively you can walk to the local school and interact with some of the school children. The remainder of the afternoon can be spent enjoying the peace of Ber Metebekiya and waiting for the sunset. In the evening you can gather round the fire with the local people, keeping warm, enjoying their company, and experiencing the tradition of a foot massage if you wish to. It is common for people in the mountains, when new guests arrive, to first give them food and then wash their guests’ feet. A private tukul hut will have been prepared for your night’s sleep in these very simple but welcoming surroundings.

But before you sleep, the local people will enjoy performing some Traditional highland tribal dancing for you. The day will end with a

Reminder of the next day’s programmer.



Day 2- Trek from Ber Metebekiya  to Abune Yousef park, 7hur

Early Morning With picnic lunch Trek from Ber Metebekia to  Abuneyousef park. You will spend much of your day at Abune Yousef Park. Abune Yousef is covering 70km2 of Afroalpine habitat and spectacular scenery.

depends of your time of arrival at the park you can Explore some of Abuneyousef Park View points, Wild life seeing points & Peaks, you can visit the most beautiful part of the park of Small & Big zgit 4100m.

Have your picnic lunch at Small Zgit overlooking the panoramic view towards endless chain mountains of Sekota. Visit different fauna and flora, swarm of Ghelada baboons, read fox (rare chance to see), plenty of Birds and lots of Fauna and flora of the area.

After you spend much of your day at  abune Yousef park, in the other direction we will take you to the most beautiful village of  our Trek route named Dewalka Village. this is a very nice village with Spectacular view, located on a very nice spot for Sunset and Sunrise.

At night, as usual you will have campfire under the star and moon. Today the dance will present by you and the staff. Enjoy the local traditional dance and music you will be invited to dance our unique Ethiopian traditional dance. Before you bed time  the Guide give brief about next day’s program & options.


Day 3- Trek from Dewalka Village to Lalibela 8 hour

Morning after breakfast Trek Sankaber to Geech (5-6hrs) en route view and admire the endemic Gelada Baboonand the spectacular scenery, overnight Geech camping.



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