Visas are required for all foreign visitors to Ethiopia, with the exception of nationals of Kenya and the Sudan. Visa applications may be obtained at Ethiopia’s diplomatic missions overseas. However, nationals of 33 countries are now allowed to receive their tourist visas on arrival in Ethiopia at the regular charge.
The list includes

1. Argentina,
2. Australia,
3. Austria,
4. Belgium,
5. Brazil,
6. Canada,
7. China,
8. Denmark,
9. Finland,
10. France,
11. Germany,
12. Greece,
13. Ireland,
14. Israel,
15. Italy,
16. Japan,
17. Republic of Korea,

18. Kuwait,
19. Luxembourg,
20. Mexico,
21. The Netherlands,
22. New Zealand,
23. Norway,
24. Poland,
25. Portugal,
26. Russian Federation,
27. South Africa,
28. Spain,
29. Sweden,
30. Switzerland,
31. Taiwan,
32. United Kingdom and
33. United States.

However visas are readily available at Ethiopian’s diplomatic missions abroad.

Residence Permit
The Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs issues a residence permit to a foreign investor, upon submission of an Investment Permit issued in his/her name. A foreign investor, who is a share holder of a company or branch company and an expatriate staff who has a work permit, is also entitled to a residence permit.
Visa Fees

The above prices do not apply to American citizens. By special arrangement with the US government, American citizens receive a two year multiple entry visa for both business and tourist purposes, for which the fee is £51.

  • Single/Double entry Transit Visas for American Citizens £29
  • Two Years Student Visa for American Citizens £29